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Q: do you go to sfsu? i'm considering going there, but i am kind of hesitant because i've heard that since it's a commuter school campus life sucks, and that the people there aren't the friendliest and also that it's really hard to get classes. so what do you think of sfsu? and what is there to do there?


I really like it, actually. I’m from Sacramento and so moving to SF and going to school here has been a suuuuper nice change for me. I’m so happy with the friends I’ve made and the things I’ve learned. There is always something to do SOMEWHERE around the city, and even if there isn’t, it’s just nice to go site seeing and window shopping and stuff. Plus food. So much good food.

Campus life, well…it’s kinda what you make it? That’s just my opinion. I know plenty of nice people, but I also make an effort not to get caught up with being around shitty people who just wanna make everyone else unhappy. There are a lot of commuters, but I don’t think that really effects anything…

There actually is a lot of stuff going on on campus, but I feel like there are a lot of people who are just like, “Oh, that is so lame. I don’t wanna go. I’d rather find a party. Oh I don’t have time. Etc.” BASICALLY people who think they are too cool and make a lot of excuses. They don’t take advantaged of the clubs and events that are going on. And people are all butt-hurt because there is no football team.

I would say this is a more artsy than sport-oriented campus. I dunno if you’re into that or not, but there still are teams to go watch.

Classes. Classes are hard to get if you are a Sophomore or a Freshman in second semester. Hella. That is all I can say. Hella.

But it also depends on your major and what classes you want, you feel me? Anyways, if anyone wants to graduate on time at any school, they better be taking summer classes or loading up on units.

Things to do here. EVERYTHING. Go get cake pops shaped like penises in the Castro. Go take a walk around Lake Merced or Ocean Beach. Go downtown and see what crazy performers are there. Fisherman’s Wharf. Go to all the museums, there’s tons of them. There are a lot of free concerts around the city AND on campus as well. Go get Dim-sum in China Town. Go up to Twin Peaks for a full view of the city. Go smoke and look at flowers at Golden Gate Park. Baseball games at AT&T stadium. Join a sorority or frat on campus. Go see a play on campus. Go watch a game on campus. There are a bunch of ethnic clubs to join. Anime or video game club. Join student gov. There is an arcade downstairs of the student center. Become a PEACH at the health center and educate people about sex and throw condoms at everyone (god bless PEACH). Go find a party somewhere. Just the other day, I believe the Muslim Student Association (is that right? I’m not sure) was having prayer out in the sun, and they had food and blankets out on the grass and tables with pamphlets about Islam. Everyone looked like they were having a super good time taking pictures and being friends and everything. Speaking of clubs. You can go clubbing. There’s lots of nightlife stuff to do.

I’m just saying, if you’re a Negative Nancy and you can’t handle a few road blocks here and there, go play it safe somewhere else. But I love SFSU, no matter how many people talk shit and complain because they can’t think outside the box.


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Q: Hi I see you go to sfsu I was accepted into sfsu and sfu I'm not sure which schoo to attend sfu is a lot more expensive can you tell me about the student life at sfsu and the dorms and the party life and if you know anything about sfu and the dorms and student life and parties that would be great also if you could tell me what it's like to live in San Fran I am coming from so cal to northern cal what are the people like weather food shopping and etc thanks so much


You bet it’s expensive. Guuuuuuuurrrrrl you better get a job. I am telling you. HOWEVER~ The experiences here are priceless, and not just on campus.

So student life in the dorms is both wonderful and terrible (assuming you will be living in basic dorms). It gives you a chance to get to know people on your floor and throughout your building. It’s the first place to start if you’re looking to make friends. There will be obnoxious people [playing music too loud, having super loud sex, screaming in the halls, etc.] but that kinda depends on the floor. I feel like each floor has its own personality, honestly. Sharing the bathroom is something you get used to. Sharing a room is something you get used to. Walking in the hall in your towel is something you get used to. Don’t even try to smoke in your dorm, if you do smoke at all, because they will catch you and there will be all sorts of shit you gotta deal with (I’ve seen it happen). Drinking in the dorms. People have done it and gotten caught because they are dumb.  [Friendly reminder that you don’t need to drink in order to have fun.] Your resident resistances are generally pretty friendly. They would on events all the time, so you get free pizza and candy and watch movies and stuff. It is really fun, I swear. Don’t be one of those ass holes who are like, “*snobby voice* Umm. This is so lame. I am not going” Because you’ll miss out on socializing and nice stuff. They do really care about your health and safety too, so any rules, regulations, and procedures they do is to make sure you’re okay since this is your first year away from home.

There are three dining places to go to near the dorms. City eats [breakfast, lunch, dinner. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and lactose-free options], The Bricks [Pizza, pasta salad. Gluten-free options. Dinner only], and Cafe in the Park [Breakfast and late night. Starbucks drinks, smoothies, sandwiches/wraps, dessert. Lactose-free upon request.] You’ll probably get sick of that, so you can go to Subway and The Village Market [On campus convenience store] for stuff if you wish. Or Taza Cafe for breakfast/lunch. Or this other place across from it..I don’t know what it is now. It used to be sushi, now it’s different. 

There is a gym you can go to for $40 for the whole year. Good way to de-stress. It is right next to the dorms.

Student life extended on campus has plenty of shit to do. You can be bored if you want to, but I don’t know how you can with all the clubs and events. There is an arcade under caesar chavez. Also in caesar chavez there is helllla food and two little stores to go to. There are helllla sororities and frats. HELLLA clubs [salsa dance, capoeira, different ethnic clubs, anime club, video game club, there are LGBTQIA clubs, a feminist club, improv, campus recreation, and so on], you can do student gov. You can go see plays, you can go see the mini museums on campus [yes. Mini museums], art galleries, and there seems to be some celebration in Malcolm X square. There is an indoor swimming pool that is rather nice. Lots of little hidden places around campus that are cool.

Party life is pretty rad, but you kinda need to know the right people? That’s why you gotta make lots of friends! So you can find the fun parties. However, there will be no parties in the basic dorms. I can tell you that much. You’ll have to go to The Village, The Towers, University Park North, University Park South, and Park Merced for that. And if you feel like taking the bus somewhere, you could do that. Would only recommend if you are with lots of friends or if you know the person having the party really well.  Parties can be chill kick backs or they can be ratchet as fuck. Sometimes cops show up at big ass parties, so you need to be smart. The parties I’ve been to have been really fun. Just surround yourself with good people. That is the most important thing. People you can trust just in case you get too turnt up.

Living in San Francisco is expensive. Not gonna lie to you, bro. If you take public transportation, which you will at some point, it cost $2.00 for a ticket that lasts a couple hours. So get a clipper card. Clipper cards are $3.00 then you gotta make sure you load it up enough to get where you wanna. Otherwise muni police will give you a hella expensive ticket. Or you can get a monthly pass for approx. $72.00 unlimited traveling on muni. It cost more if you wanna ride the BART.

There are cheap, fun things to go around San Francisco though. Whether it be site seeing, free days at the museum or zoo, concerts (some free some now), clubbing, ice skating, going to the beach, and all that good stuff. 

Grocery stores close to campus: Luckys, Safeway, Trader Joes, Whole Foods. Then there are little private owned supermarkets and farmer markets. Aint not walmart here unless you wanna go ALLL the way to Oakland. There is a target downtown and there is a target in Serromante  which takes about 45+ to get there. Also would suggest daiso for little things. And if you wanna make the trip, you can go to FoodCo or Grocery Outlet. You better learn how to clip coupons or how to spot good sales. It’s $5 fridays at Safeway. Strawberries are probably cheapest at Trader Joe’s. Make sure you get regular bananas instead of organic because organic cost more, unless you’re into that or something.  There are Walgreens everywhere. EVERYWHERE. E V E R Y  W H E R E.

Clothing stores can be found in Stonestown mall next to school, Serramonte Mall if you wanna take the trip, downtown in Union Square at Westfield Mall, Uniqlo, and Target. Those are places I usually go to because they cost the least. Sometimes stuff isn’t that expensive, it’s just the taxes that are annoying.

Weather is cold. Mostly. The sun will come out for a couple of hours and everyone will lay on the grass and go to the beach. Then it will be hella cold again. Spring and Fall are the nicest seasons. But bring some rain boots, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, all of that. But also be prepared for a sudden wardrobe change. The fog is the scariest shit you’ve ever seen in the winter at night. OMG. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through fashion. This is the place to do it. Die your hair green and wear creepers. It is okay by all of us. I swear. Identify as a male but enjoy wearing heels? Go for it. Like. You can be yourself. Just don’t be an ass hole. It’s very simple. WEEERRRK.

People are diverse. Come from all over the world with all different backgrounds and beliefs. There are jerks wherever you go, but for the most part students are really awesome. I’ve heard people in NorCal are nicer than those in SoCal, actually. People on the streets, well. It’s the city. You’ll come across lots of different personalities. I suggest you keep your wallet in your front pocket and if you have purse, have a sling purse you can have in front of your body or one that shuts totally, especially on the bus or streets. Times is hard, and sometimes people get shit stolen. Just be careful. Don’t be fearful when you go out, just aware of your belongings. There are lots of homeless and mentally ill people deep in the city and lots of others things you may or may not be used to. I’m just saying it’ll be a culture shock. There will be lots of culture shocking. So come here with an open mind, you feel me?

Other things I would like the mention: laundry. Save your quarters. Lots of quarters. Or load your id card. Because laundry is the struggle. Smart phones FTW. You’ll get lost of you don’t have google maps or you can read a map. Or maybe that’s just me…I dunno. By the end of the year, you will have seen a least one public dick. It will come to you as surprise. Also you will have tons of lube and condoms. The schools gives them out like candy. It may come in handy though. The health center is very helpful. They are very nice people in there. Please, please get a job. When buying things ask, “Do I need this and can I afford it.” Classes will initially be very easy to obtain, especially depending on your major. But Sophomore year will break you. Be ready with a plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G when picking classes because certain ones will get filled up.

Yeah…That’s all I can think of for now. Anymore questions, let me know.

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I think I’m going to attend San Francisco State, but I also have Notre Dame de Namur on my other hand. Can anyone give me feedback?



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